Three WIDEn-n digis are maintained in the Charleston, SC area for the support of APRS on the national APRS frequency (144.390 MHz.). The call signs for these digis are WA4USN-5, WA4USN-3 and WA4USN-9. When you're visiting the area, and you're mobile, please set your unproto path to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1.

If you're a stationary (home) station, please do not use RELAY in your path. This will cause other home stations to retransmit your packet and creates a lot of unnecessary traffic, which will prohibit other stations from getting their signal out. Find out which digi is the nearest to you, and which you can hear directly. Put that digi as the first station in your path, followed by a WIDE2-2. For example, if you are in Charleston your path should be set to WA4USN-5,WIDE2-2.   WIDE2-2 is sufficient to be seen throughout the Lowcountry.

The locations of the area digis are shown on the map below.