D-STAR   Repeaters
Location Call Port A Port B Port C Port D
N 33° 08' 31"   W 80° 21' 03"
KX4DOR   442.8375+ 145.280-    
MUSC (Ashley Tower)
N 32° 47' 00"   W 79° 57' 07"
W4HRS 1284.2250- 444.1125+ 145.160-  

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DMR   Repeaters
12.5   KHz   2 TS TMDA
Location Frequency Tone Call
Awendaw          Charleston North Zone   442.4625   +5 MHz None WR4SC
          Wallace             Charleston (Downtown) Zone 443.0375   +5 MHz None WR4SC
  Whitehall           Charleston South Zone   442.3875   +5 MHz None WR4SC
Orangeburg       Orangeburg Zone         440.5875   +5 MHz None WR4SC

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