The Charleston Amateur Radio Society has Amateur Radio stations
aboard three Museum Ships at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Amateur Radio station NJ4DU is aboard submarine USS Clamagore,
Amateur Radio station NT4HI is aboard destroyer USS Laffey, and
Amateur Radio station WA4USN is aboard aircraft carrier USS Yorktown.

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USS Clamagore         NJ4DU

Info1 on USS Clamagore
Info2 on USS Clamagore

KQ4DC operating NJ4DU

USS Laffey                   NT4HI
                            USCG Ingham
Info1 on USS Laffey
Info2 on USS Laffey
Info on USCG Ingham

Laffey Radio 2 door

Laffey Radio 2 with NT4HI

KQ4DC operating NT4HI

USS Yorktown         WA4USN

Info1 on USS Yorktown
Info2 on USS Yorktown

CARS club room on Yorktown

CARS club room on Yorktown